Tuesday, June 17, 2008

God Is A Voyeur

If your God loves you, why didn't he ever

Deaf Audience

Him: "This is not the place, these are not the people. Your breath is wasted there."

Me: "But they pressed the questions, I just answered. I speak with conviction. Always."

Him: "But you wont change anyone here. And that's the whole point. You need to find a soapbox in front of people who are willing to accept change. You need people receptive to the bigger picture."

Me: "I'm just one person. This is the only audience I have; drunken college students at parties."

Him: "You'll be heard. Just go out, learn more, share more. The important people will listen if you make them."

Me: "You're right."

I think I cried a little after that, purely out of frustration that he was right; no one was listening.

Will anyone ever listen?