Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cunt We All Just Get Along?

Cunt and I go way back. I think I first heard the term in middle school, but wasn't quite sure what it meant. I had a general idea that it was derogatory and only applied to women, like the word I was already familiar with, "bitch". I never used the word after that. It just didn't feel natural. I felt like if I said it, I would come across as trying too hard to be edgy. But I was 12; of course I tried too hard.

I had no idea how far back cunt and I went. We go all the way back to May of '87. Cunt wasn't much of a cunt yet. She had some growing to do and so did I. On December 11th of the same year, Cunt and I finally joined society, all thanks to mom and her cunt, too. Cunt and I grew up together. We hit puberty together, we lost our virginity together. We're close. You can say we bleed for each other.

So why was "cunt" such a derogatory word, then? I always rather liked mine and never thought much of it in any negative aspect. But I was expected to feel bad when I heard the word. So I learned to be shocked by the use of such vocabulary.

Then I got a-thinking. You can't help but smile when hearing the word "cunnilingus". It's just a great word. Tipping the velvet, lip-to-lip service, dining at the pink taco stand, it all sounds like good clean fun (in Victorian England, it was called "gamahuching". Now that sounds fun). But it came from the same word as cunt; cunnus, which is latin for "a hollow place". Cunt was just the german adaptation of the word which came to mean female genitalia and the sensitive tissues surrounding it. Cunt was the only word to really discribe the entirety of the female pleasure system. It includes the labia (majora and minora), the vulva, the vagina, and the clitoris. No other word describes all of these happy places in just one syllable. No word but "cunt". In fact, it was used to mean just that and only that up until the early 20th century. Now the word means "a stupid or useless woman" or "a sexual object", all in the derogative. Why did a word that truly means "something no woman would want to be without" become a vulgarity that made women ashamed to me women?

Men call women cunts to intimidate, to make them feel like a lesser human being. Cunt is now a term for any woman who's traits or actions conflict someone else's personal decisions. And we expect the person to take offense.

That's just ridiculous. The word was used in such better ways long ago.

For instance, did you know that the US Navy uses a "Cunt Knot"? It's been renamed a "Cut Splice Knot" (see title image), but this is a recent change. Also, there is a style of military garrison cap called a "Cunt Cap". The shape of the hat and the knot both resemble female genitalia, but also follow the general background of the word "cunnus", an open hallow space. It just makes sense to use the term!

But as of recent generations, we've become a prudish, ashamed breed of people. Women regret being women. Men would rather us subservient. And it is commanded by twisted adaptations of otherwise harmless things.


What's there to be ashamed of?